OK so I got up this morning jazzed about trying the first routine on my new journey!

I had to adjust it just a bit but for the most part it was spot on! I didn't have a few things unlocked but they are now! lol You can click on the links to see an explanation and in some cases pictures of how to do the exercise (for those of you without a Wii)

here is my 1st Routine:
Stretch Fit Credits
Standing Knee
2 minutes
Total 2 minutes
Warm-up Fit Credits
Deep Breathing 2 minutes
Single Leg Extension 2 minutes
Tricep Extension 3 minutes
Total 7 minutes
Exercise Fit Credits
Super Hula Hoop 3 minutes
Advanced Step
10 minutes
Ski Jump - X2
2 minutes
Penguin fish balance
2 minutes
Total 17 minutes
Cool Down Fit Credits
Torso Twists 3 minutes
Single Leg Extension 2 minutes
Total 5 minutes
Full Routine 31 minutes

I definitely felt the stretches and the "burn" in my thighs, back, and legs! I am excited to try another one tomorrow!

We are going to Cripple Creek tomorrow to attend a veterans parade and all kinds of fun events .. I will Blog about that too .. so in addition to my workout I will be walking my Hiney Off lol

Did you do your workout today??


BBPartyGirl said...

What a fun way to work out! For me it really doesn't sink in that I am working out when I am using the Wii Fit. Love it!


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