I had the free step opened today and I have to say I do like it! However... something happened with my board and it didnt register my steps for the full 10 min! ACK oh well i know I did it for 10 min and thats all that matters! LOL I am going to have hubby reset the board or something .. but I still did my 30 min routine today! Yeah!

Easy 30 Minute Wii Fit Weight Loss Routine 2
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User Difficulty Rating: / 3
Stretch Fit Credits
Downward-facing Dog 2 minutes
Total 2 minutes
Warm-up Fit Credits
Long Run (1 or 2 Player) 3 minutes
Single Leg Twist 3 minutes
Total 6 minutes
Exercise Fit Credits
Super Hula Hoop 3 minutes
Free Step x 1 10 minutes
Balance Game of your Choice 2 minutes
Balance Game of your Choice 2 minutes
Total 17 minutes
Cool Down Fit Credits
Single Leg Extension 3 minutes
Torso Twists 2 minutes
Total 5 minutes
Full Routine 30 minutes


Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Yes I have a Wii Fit, and since I am on "holiday" (vacation, which since a trip to Sweden years ago is always now Holiday !) I will not be going to my company's on site gym, can do this!

This is wonderful, thank you for putting it up.. I will be going over there!


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