So last week was insane!! I am not going to go back with everything I ate .. because truth be told I was not that great on my "healthy eating" plan :( I did still take my meds on time everyday ..

However, I had a DR Appt Wed and I have to start taking BP meds on Monday :( BUT hopefully I wont be on them long.. hopefully I can really start losing weight .. BUT I think my first important step was getting back in the habit of taking my meds .. and the Relacore is really helping with my moods, sleep and Stress! To me that is worth A LOT!!

I thought I would share one recipe I used this week, this recipe can be adjusted in any way you want, delete things you may not like - add stuff you might- use veggies or fruits its up to you!:

1 container Cottage cheese
Green Onions
Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green)

Pretty much anything you want to add.. then i use the healthy ruffles to dip it and eat it lol .. i think its the salt and crunchy that adds so much to the whole meal!

Anyway i will try and weigh in tomorrow and hopefully I have lost some weight .. even though it s was PMS week!



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