So I guess I am not getting to the whole "Daily" blogging lol life just gets busy some days!

I have been doing "ok" on my diet .. damn Mother nature is killin me though .. had to go to the Grocery today and could not resist the Walmart Glazed Doughnuts lol I know its bad but what can ya do? She hasn't hit yet but those damn cravings sure are! The bad thing is that I am thinking due to bloating I probably wont hit my goal again UGH not to mention its been hot as hell and therefore with no AC its hard to workout .. an excuse .. I agree.. I should just get my ass up and go to post and work out but I have been lazy :(

OK so the last 2 days meals.. hmm Tuesday was Scrambled eggs w/ a lil cheese; lunch was a VERY small portion of orange chicken and fried rice (we were on the road) Dinner was Mac & Cheese and Sausage! Wednesday - Egg Sandwhich, Pot Pie and Fries and grilled Brats!

And Today .... Oatmeal for breakfast, potpie and dinner was BBQ Steak, bakes tater w/ a lil butter and corn on the cob! And a soda

I did have a few doughnuts for dessert.. and a few as a snack earlier (this is where the damn PMS is coming in)

I have a house to clean in the AM so hopefully that will help work off some of these extra calories I took in! Plus i am going to TRY to work out on the Wii fit in the am if I have time before my job!

As always would love to hear how you are all doing :)



This is a personal Blog about Me and the transformation I hope to go through on the next journey of my life! I have known for years that I needed to do "something" and today i start that journey!