So today I weighed in and I guess I can't complain too bad .. in the last month i have dealt with really bad PMS, vacations, My Bday, Events that kinda force me to eat out .. and yet I am down 6 lbs!! I plan on increasing that to hopefully 2 lbs a week .. at least for a while I know if I eat properly and make myself exercise I can do it!!

Not sure if I mentioned it last blog but I started taking Blood Pressure meds on Monday ... still getting in the habit .. have not missed a day but have remembered late in the day a few times lol Better late than not at all though! I am hoping I wont be on these long! Hopefully I can get things under control and be off them in no time!

How are you all doing with your challenges? I would love to hear success stories and/ or enjoy a shared recipe you love!


BBPartyGirl said...

Deb you are doing so great! I really need to be following your lead. You would think chasing 4 toddlers around everyday I could lose weight! Ha! Congrats on 6lbs!!!

Kathy G said...

Deb thanks for sharing you challenges and triumphs. I really am struggling with my weight, I hate to see myself in pictures. I started excersing, but with keeping up with kids schedules and everything else I have not been consistent. I would love to loose weight for the holidays and treat myself to some fabulous clothes. I'll keep you posted


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