On the way up to Vail...

Well .. Good morning! The gym didn’t work out .. Apparently my gym clothes are at home on the bed lol

Had an English Muffin and some taters for breakfast .. ok tasting lol Had a few cups of coffee too.

Lunch was ham and cheese sandwich on Rye and a side salad and a few glasses of Water.

Dinner was not very healthy lol – Chicken Parmesan and chips and salsa J oh ya and 2 beers lol

We had fun though .. after dinner we took the bus down to a neighboring hotel that had FREE Gondola rides! And then walked back to the Hotel J So I think I did get some exercise in! lol

This is me in the Gondola....

This is just a cool pick up at the top of the mountain where we took the gondola :)

Hope you are all doing well!!


BBPartyGirl said...

Great pics! Looks like yall had a great time! Love the pic of you! You are so beautiful!!!!

Coach Ferfer said...

aww look at you!! Beautiful! Awesome pics. Hugs!


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