OUCH.. that was the first words out of my mouth this am!! I am sore sore sore lol I guess i kinda over did it on some of the exercises i did yesterday!! Well needless to say I did not work out today .. well not on the Wii fit anyway!

I spent my morning finishing up a few things and getting all packed and ready for Vail!

Breakfast was pancakes with sugar free syrup! yummy!

Lunch -- had to eat on the run as I ran out of time getting ready so it was grilled chicken burro at Taco bell again and a Dr Pepper with lots and lots of ice!

Dinner was provided here at the event in Vail - it was pizza (not very appetizing) and a salad and 2 sm pieces of bread!

We did use the stairs (we are on the 5th floor) so that is why I said i didnt really work out .. but walking up and down the stairs IS a work out lol

Well it is late .. i swung down to the lobby to check my 200 emails and write my blog .. now i am heading up to bed so i can try and get up at 545 am to go to the gym lol .. breakfast starts at 730 so it is going to be an early but long day!!

Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow night .. it will be a date night here in town .. i think i read that they had FREE Gondola rides - how fun!! and Romantic :) But we will see!

Hope you are all keeping up with your workouts and eating healthy (if that is your goal!)



This is a personal Blog about Me and the transformation I hope to go through on the next journey of my life! I have known for years that I needed to do "something" and today i start that journey!