WOW I got up early again today! woohoo AND I even worked out on the Wii fit for 30 min .. its a start! I mostly did Yoga and a few strength training and some aerobics! Tomorrow I will try and do 40 minutes! .. I have decided that while doing my Wii Fit i will listen to different business and motivational Youtube or recorded items -- so if you have them share them PLEASE!!

Breakfast was a bowl of All Bran Yogurt - High in Fiber... great tasting AND great for pre D and Diabetics! I also had about half a cup of coffee and my pills!

Lunch was a lil late and I wasnt feeling very good - had a ham and cheese sandwich and a cup of cherry sugar free flavored water! Water is always better with some flavor in it! I ended up actually getting a bit of a migrain and therefor did not take my meds.. to be honest i was battling in my head if it was the change in adding the relacore making me feel ill or if it was just a legit headache! I had a conference call from 1 - 3 and then took a really hot shower and then laid down for a few hours .. I ended up taking some excedrin Migraine and using some Lavender oil on my temples and other points - I think that finally worked as i started feeling better!

Dinner was mac & Cheese and Keilbasa and beans - not the healthiest but its what Mom made .. and since I was sleeping/ laying down for several hours not my call on what was for dinner!

I did have a handful of M & Ms as a snack tonight but hey everything in moderation!

Other amazing and more inspiring News .. my Best Friend from High School is making plans to fly out here in Sept! OMG what a good reason to get my ass in better shape lol .. I know she wont care but vanity never really leaves us i do not think!

I know Friday night is a pizza night at the convention in Vail .. but i guess as long as i utilize the gym I should be ok! Hubs says he will get up early with me to go so we will see how that goes!

Well its almost 11 so I should close for now so I can get back at it tomorrow!!!


BBPartyGirl said...

Still doing good! What a great inspiration to keep you going, sounds fun to see an old friend!


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