Well I got up early today - 7am! had 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast and a cup of coffee. and all of my pills - day 2 starting off right.. now if i can just remember everyday!

Lunch was .. well taco Bell .. I did get 2 grilled chicken burro's - only ate 1 1/2 and was full .. so I guess that is good .. did get a DR Pepper though .. will most likely drink on that all night though! And Pills taken .. i actually forgot to take them with so i took them as soon as I returned from the PO.

I have not worked out yet cuz it is quite warm .. out here in CO not all homes come with AC! LOL coming from AZ I saw a gadget on the wall and assumed - silly me that was JUST heat! lol so once it is in the upper 80's you don't do a whole lot of moving around! We do have a storm moving in though so hopefully that will cool it off!

Well it did cool off then I got busy and well.. never worked out :(

Had dinner - Cubed Steak, Corn and mashed taters - was very good .. was a good girl and took my pills WOOHOO that is 2 days in a row I took my reg meds and relacore

Looks like it will be an early night tonight though i am pretty tired .. it will take a lil time to get used to this schedule :)

No snack .. thats a first lol .. i always have the munchies at night .. so that is good.. of course it could be the fact I have a lil indigestion yuck but whatever makes me NOT eat.. LOL


BBPartyGirl said...

Practice makes perfect! You are working it out!


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