WOW has it really been that long since I posted a Blog? Yikes! I have made a point to post 1x a week on my business blog so I shall make the same for my *ME* Blog!!

Last year was crazy - I was on and off with working out and eating well - I lost 35 lbs by the time Will came home .. then slowly added weight back on :( My best guess - as I have not weighed in, plan to tomorrow Jan 1st, that I have gained at least 10 lbs!

SO My new plan is to go to the Gym at LEAST 2x a week and work out at home at Least 4x a week! And of course to eat better! I need to get back to wearing my Body Bugg and really paying attention to what I do!

I purchased Zumba and I am going to check that out tomorrow as well as finish setting up my Biggest Loser Challenge Profile :)

My Monthly Goal for January is to lose 10lbs .. that is 2lb a week approx .. and I KNOW I can do it!! I will do my best to keep a log and keep you all apprised :)

I would also love to hear how your doing and what your goals are!!


RoseStolarz said...

I need to lose lots of weight as well! :-( So I am just committed to eating better and exercising regularly as well. I am tired of walking the steps and being out of breath!

Debbi Andersen said...

Rose - Amen!! I am starting with small steps and small goals that are attainable :) my 1st goal is 10lb's .. once I lose that I will set another goal!!


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