So my 1st week of trying to get fit and healthier wasnt exactly a success lol

I DID make it to the gym twice last week, however i did not work out at home 4 times.. in fact I didnt work out at home once

And as for eating healthier - I kinda fell off that wagon too .... In fact i had some frito's and cheese dip yesterday and that probably put me over the edge lol

SO.. I weighed in today and I guess the *good* news is that I didnt GAIN any weight .. but I didnt lose any either :(

I did start the Jillian Micheal's Jump start your weight loss program - which is probably what saved me from gaining!!

SO this week I decided to take a different approach! Yesterday while at the store I chose to TRY the Special K Diet ...

Today is my first Day and so far so good ... I had Special K Fruit & Yogurt cereal for breakfast, a cup of coffee, a Meal Replacement Drink, a raspberry Cheesecake Special k Bar, another cup of coffee, and then I will have a usual dinner - in this case it is Chili! YUM which is great for snowy yucky days!!

I also shoveled snow today - burned 211 calories doing so too!!
Next is getting on the Wii .. Havent decided what program/ game i will use - I have Zumba, Biggest Loser Challenge, and Wii Fit Plus to choose from

I post this not so inspirational blog to show that we all have crappy weeks.. we have weeks we gain.. weeks we stay the same .. weeks we cheat .. and weeks we just dont care!

BUT all you can do is say ok - well last week sucked - BUT this week is a NEW week and a NEW opportunity to start FRESH!!

I hope to hear how your week went - i welcome successes, hurdles, obstacles, - i dont like the word failure cuz none of us are!! - so let me know how YOU did :)



This is a personal Blog about Me and the transformation I hope to go through on the next journey of my life! I have known for years that I needed to do "something" and today i start that journey!