Hello my loyal followers - I just realized last night that I had not written in my blog since my husband left for Afghanistan! Things have been incredible - Crazy - Exciting - Insane - Exhausting - and a few other adjectives that fail me at the moment!

So a few months ago I decide enough is enough and I need a REAL kick in the ass! SO.. I join Anytime Fitness in Fountain AND I hire a personal Trainer named Jean - she is amazing.. i like to call her Mean Jean LOL I initially signed up for 12 sessions and at the end of those extended it into a 30 session contract which dropped the price per session HUGELY!

Jean has been amazing and has pushed me and shown me I can accomplish some things I didnt think I could accomplish! We worked hard most weeks 3x a week for about 7 weeks .. and then life seemed to just get in my way! I ended up not going to the gym for about a month while I set up a new shop for my business and settled into working ungodly hours and days! I was working 11 days on 3 days off .. and i use the term Off VERY loosely .. Well thanks to some amazing women that are helping me out I am finally getting some time off so I can get back to the gym!! at this point it is 2x a week BUT I am pushing myself at home as well!

In addition my amazing friend Holly introduced me to a device called The Body Bug I researched it and thought this may be something that is just what I need in addition to Jean pushing me, and boy was I RIGHT! First let me say that i decided to look for a used one on Craigslist and I found one being offered for $50 (a new one runs about $120) this was the old style but heck it still works the same!! After dialogue with the person that had it I submitted my payment - just to have the payment returned to me! They decided they wanted to give it to me for FREE I just didn't even know how to react! All they asked was that I do something nice for a stranger :)

This device is attached on your arm and it counts the calories you burn throughout the day as well as counts the steps you take! It takes into account your heart rate and when it is increased due to activity the BB senses it and can do an accurate reading of how many calories you are burning!

I have now had my BB for 1 week as of today .. in fact today is the dreaded *weigh In*

SO... without further ado .. my first week weigh in with using the body bug is ....

7 lbs!!!

WOW! I am super excited!!! That is SO encouraging!!! I REALLY put my nose to the grindstone and it paid off!!! I obviously do not expect to lose that much every week but it sure does motivate me!!!

Today for breakfast I had a breakfast sandwich from Subway and for lunch I am having a Chef salad :) Oh and to drink FUSE! love the stuff - so tasty!

So How are YOU doing on your journey?? I would love to hear from you :)


Life Is A Lark said...

Never heard of the Body Bugg but now I'm intrigued. Amazing job on your 1st week!

Debbi Andersen said...

Thanks hun!! I had not heard of it till a few weeks ago but it has changed my life!!!!

Brenda said...

I am so happy for you! Sounds great! Keep motivated girl!



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