Well everyone its been a few weeks and well things have been quite the adjustment.

After I got back (after the accident) I went into my adjustment phase of the deployment .. well you never really totally adjust but you start to get more into a routine.

I had a Booth at Ft Carson March 29th - April 3rd and did pretty well :) I got a lot of custom requests and just put in a HUGE order and it will be like Christmas when it all gets here ha!

I had to drop the Pathfinder off at the body shop April 5th and they said it would be approx 10 days so we shall see!

In addition Mom and I have been going to the American Legion on Friday nights and having a good time! Great company and cheap drinks - and great food!!

Last week i got hit with a Vicious cold and i was in bed from the afternoon of the 5th - the morning of the 9th!! I finally kicked it though so that was good!

Will is doing well - he actually got sick (and is on the mend I hope) they have been busy - they finally got computers in the MWR and they got payphones, unfortunately the payphones they installed can only be used with their phone cards.. and the phones are busy all the time! Will has his Afghan phone so we talk on that usually .. its a bit expensive but i guess you do what you have to do ..

My Aunt bought us a $10 card through the company I buy my cards through (THANK YOU AUNT SUE!!) and right now they have a promotion for everyone you refer you get a $10 credit on your acct!

So if you ever call overseas and would like a referral through this company just let me know I would be happy to refer you!!

Other than that I have been trying to get things in the house on track and have a massage client in the AM and then I have a Table up at Petersen AFB Wed the 14th - Sat 17th!

Unfortunately I was sick as a dog when I was to meet with the trainer though so I will reschedule that for next week and then get on track with working out again!

Oh and I got Just Dance for the Wii - its a blast :)

I guess thats about it - Will just came online so I am off to chat with him!

Hope you are all well and I look forward to hearing how you have been doing!



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