Wow day 4 completed! I still have an injured leg .. the insertion point of my Gastrocs is really sore/ torn not sure which but it hurts a LOT! So I decided to do my "own thing" today! I still did 30 min I just chose what to do! Here is what i did:

I started with one I had just unlocked .. I wasn't too sure what it was but it looked interesting...
It is called the Lotus: I couldnt find a link but basically you sit on the board and focus on a flame on the screen and keep your balance .. they have moths flying around and getting zapped by the flame and people "walking around" and sounds to distract you - 4 minutes on that one

Then on to Deep Breathing: Deep Breathing - 2 min

Half moon - Half-Moon - 2 min

Warrior Pose - Warrior Pose - 2 min

The Chair - Chair - 2 min

Sun Salutation - Sun Salutation - 2 min

Cobra - Cobra - 2 min

Bridge - Bridge - 2 min

Spinal Twist - Spinal Twist (Crocodile Twist) - 2 min

Palm Tree - Palm Tree - 2 min

Torso Twist - Torso Twists (Torso & Waist Twists) - 3 min

Tricep Extensions - Tricep Extension - 2 min

And I chose the Ski Jump for my Balance one - 1 min

And I closed with a cool down of the Deep Breathing again Deep Breathing - 2 min

It was nice having done several of the routines which then enabled me to adjust things for myself today .. hopefully my leg will not hurt as bad tomorrow and I can get back into one of the regular routines!

And a shout out to Christina for starting her own Transformation today! Yeah she did her 1st routine today .. you can read about it here ... FYI she has an adult rating on her site only because she is also a Brown Bag Party Rep :) nothing is profane I promise lol


DawnCorrespondence said...

Woo hoo! Keep up the GREAT work, Debbi!

BBPartyGirl said...

Thanks Debbi for the link! I can't wait to do another routine tomorrow! I am sure I will post about it again as well. Thanks for the support and I hope that leg gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

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This is a personal Blog about Me and the transformation I hope to go through on the next journey of my life! I have known for years that I needed to do "something" and today i start that journey!