Well the Wii fit said I was 1.6 lbs away from my goal of 5 lbs in 2 weeks so yeah! Of course now I have a weekend filled with 4th of July Parties to get through lol

Breakfast was Quaker Oatmeal - Apple Cinnamon

Lunch was not nutritious lol Again I was at the Mini Mall and they just do not have a selection to choose from so i had Cheese Fries from Glad BBQ

Dinner was homemade Beef Stroganoff (yum!) and 2 slices of bread and a glass of water

No real work out Maybe Sat I can make it early enough to
work out prior to starting my day!!

I am doing great taking my pills though .. and the Relacore seems to be helping a lot!
I do not have cravings for snacks in between meals Yeah!
And i still feel my moods are improving!
And I am still sleeping like a baby!!

Oh and we finished the first season of "Dead Like Me"



This is a personal Blog about Me and the transformation I hope to go through on the next journey of my life! I have known for years that I needed to do "something" and today i start that journey!