So yesterday was my 2nd weigh-In .. I was quite hopeful and my hard work did NOT let me down :) I lost 3 1/2 lbs!!! That is 10 1/2 lbs to date since learning about and purchasing (well getting) My BodyBugg!

The one thing that I think really keeps me on track is the fact that I have to log my calories! I have NEVER counted calories - and now I realize that was probably the reason of my demise for so many years! Some times i will indulge in something i think *Cant be THAT Bad* And when I go to log it I about fall out of my chair! One such instance was that I recently looked up the Jr Breakfast Burritos at Sonic - LOVE those things .. I used to get 2 of them on my way to Ft Carson whenever I was working out there .. drum roll please..... 660 CALORIES!!! OMG My goal is like 300 calories a meal MAYBE 400!! PLUS I would get a Rt 44 Dr Pepper! now granted i get extra extra ice but it was prob still like 12 oz of pop at least! Which is another 150 Calories!

Here is an example of my Day on Sat - Calories Burned vs Calories taken in:

SO .. One of the things the body bugg system does is also let you know how much of diff things you consumed such as Fat, Sodium etc - see example pic (also from Sat 9/4)!

As you can see Though I did eat a LOT of protein - I also over indulged in Fats & Cholesterol
So - even though I am hitting some good numbers others need to decrease and yet others need to increase - such as my Fiber and Calcium!

So to say the least I am learning more and more about eating Healthy! I am excited about having a shop at a Farmers Market - I have been trying some amazing food that I have NEVER tried before! I will post my recipe for Summer Squash Parmesan soon :)

I would love to hear from you guys - Any healthy Recipes You enjoy? How your doing on YOUR journey? Or just to say HI!


Design Knit Fun said...

congrats Debbie - and very interesting way it charts everything out.

Ayca HOSER said...

Congrats Debbie!

Christina S said...

Congrats on your successes! I would love to have one of those devices. I have been on a diet where I counted calories, without much exercise, I lost 30lbs. Now I just can't get myself back into the swing of doing that, its been about 5yrs. The BB sounds awesome and would really help me out. Guess I could start saving my money up and get me one.


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