Hello my wonderful Friends and followers! I Hope you are all doing wonderful!

So today I woke up and I thought I have been horrible the last few weeks.. i had a VERY high stress week 14th - 20th with firing my assistant and her acting like a child over it all .. THEN Mother Nature came calling Sunday morning the 20th! talk about timing ugh! So I over ate and didn't exercise much .. I did *try* to watch what i ate .. but most of the time it was watching it go from the plate, bag etc to my lips! I did have some issues with whatever this is I have (for those unfamiliar - I *think* I may have a hiatal hernia - many times I will be sitting here minding my own business or sleeping and poof I am aware of my mouth watering and me running to the bathroom to be sick!)

So I get on the wii fit today .. havent been on in like 12 days .. i cringe, stand there .. and when the weight comes up i am FLOORED! I lost 3.7 lbs! What?!?! I mean I will take it but hell just last night at 11pm I ate a damn Big Mac! (Ya i know a horrid thing to do lol) anyway I just can not believe it!

Anyway, so that makes the grand total from when i started 14 lbs! yeah!! I am so excited! It really makes me want to try harder! lol

So I would LOVE to hear how you are all doing!

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Tip-Tops said...

A bigmac at midnight? Did you have any weird dreams? :0)

Congrats on the weight loss!! I know it's not easy.


Debbi Andersen said...

haha No i didnt .. i also had about 5 beers b4 that (which is why I had a Big Mac in the middle of the night) haha

Kathy G said...

You are destin to lose the weight you want to loose, I am happy for your 3.7 pounds and cant wait until the weeks with no stress and big mac so that you could tell us you lost 7lbs. I am proud of you my sis keep it up.


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