I modified this one a lil because of my leg but I still did 31 minutes!
It was a busy day as well so I didn't even get to work out till 4:30! But I did it!

Easy 30 Minute Wii Fit Weight Loss Routine 4

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Stretch Fit Credits
Sideways Leg-Lift 2 minutes
Total 2 minutes
Warm-up Fit Credits
Half-Moon 2 minutes
Palm Tree 2 minutes
Super Hula Hoop 3 minutes
Total 7 minutes
Exercise Fit Credits
Short Run (1 or 2 Player) 2 minutes
Lotus 5 min
Balance Game of your Choice 5 minutes
Balance Game of your Choice 4 minutes
Total 16 minutes
Cool Down Fit Credits
Warrior 2 minutes
Sun Salutation 2 minutes
Cobra 2 minutes
Total 6 minutes
Full Routine 34 minutes


Mary said...

I know I havent commented but i have been keeping up and wow i am so proud of you. I start my "work out" on Monday, getting my schedule down and sticking to it thank you so much for the inspiration that I can do it too!! You're so awesome!


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